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Welcome to the American Document Solutions Planroom - This planroom lists projects from all participating locations. Use this page for a 7-day job and addendum watch. Click Calendar to view all private jobs by bid date.

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Howard County Regional Water Commission Water System Improvements
Meco Engineering Co, Inc - Hannibal
Cliff Huddleston
PreBid Date: 6/8/2015
Bid Date: 7/8/2015
U1406-01 / Exterior Renovation, Parking & Sidewalks- MO Veterans Home-Cameron
State of Missouri - Brad Luecke
Brad Luecke
PreBid Date: 6/29/2015
Bid Date: 7/9/2015
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129/2015 / Scott Blvd Roadway Improvements Phase III
7/1/2015 - Addendum #2