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Welcome to the American Document Solutions Planroom - This planroom lists projects from all participating locations. Use this page for a 7-day job and addendum watch. Click Calendar to view all private jobs by bid date.

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59/2015 / College Avenue Safety Enhancements
City of Columbia- Purchasing
Michelle Sorensen
PreBid Date: 3/19/2015
Bid Date: 4/1/2015
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7 Day Addendum Watch
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X1414-07 / Park Buildings, Site & Landscaping-New State Park, Shannon County
3/27/2015 - Addendum #1
New Addendum Notification
M1411-06 / New Fulton State Hospital Energy Control Center & Services Building
3/27/2015 - Addendum #1
New Addendum Notification
Jefferson City Public School East Elementary School Renovations
3/24/2015 - Addendum #3