1623 / Renov & Add-Central Bank Neef Terrace Bldg

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Project Manual project manual.pdf
585 Kb / 1m 22s
001 G001 General Information 001-g001_general information.pdf
402 Kb / 56s
002 G102 General Notes and Code Review 002-g102_general notes and code review.pdf
277 Kb / 39s
003 G103 Wall Types and Fixture Elevations 003-g103_wall types and fixture elevations.pdf
163 Kb / 23s
004 AD101 Demo Floor Plans 004-ad101_demo floor plans.pdf
591 Kb / 1m 22s
005 AD102 Demo Floor Plans 005-ad102_demo floor plans.pdf
500 Kb / 1m 10s
006 A101 Floor Plans Second and Third Levels 006-a101_floor plans second and third levels.pdf
533 Kb / 1m 14s
007 A102 Floor Plans Second and Third Levels 007-a102006-a101_floor plans second and third levels.pdf
615 Kb / 1m 26s
008 A103 Roof Level Floor Plans 008-a103_roof level floor plans.pdf
170 Kb / 24s
009 A104 Floor Pattern Plans 009-a104_floor pattern plans.pdf
566 Kb / 1m 19s
010 A201 Exterior Elevations 010-a201_exterior elevations.pdf
736 Kb / 1m 43s
011 A301 Building Sections 011-a301_building sections.pdf
515 Kb / 1m 12s
012 A302 Wall Sections 012-a302_wall sections.pdf
613 Kb / 1m 26s
013 A303 Building Sections 013-a303_building sections.pdf
342 Kb / 48s
014 A401 Elevator Sections and Details 014-a401_elevator sections and details.pdf
819 Kb / 1m 54s
015 A501 Door Schedule and Details 015-a501_door schedule and details.pdf
320 Kb / 45s
016 A502 Door Details and Elevations 016-a502_door details and elevations.pdf
322 Kb / 45s
017 A503 Door Details and Elevations 017-a503_door details and elevations.pdf
363 Kb / 51s
018 A504 Front Door Details and Elevations 018-a504_front door details and elevations.pdf
263 Kb / 37s
019 A601 Finish Schedule and Legend 019-a601_finish schedule and legend.pdf
354 Kb / 49s
020 A602 Interior Elevations and Details 020-a602_interior elevations and details.pdf
383 Kb / 54s
021 A603 Interior Elevations and Details 021-a603_interior elevations and details.pdf
367 Kb / 51s
022 A604 Millwork and Casework Elevations and Details 022-a604_millwork and casework elevations and details.pdf
412 Kb / 58s
023 A605 Millwork and Casework Elevations and Details 023-a605_millwork and casework elevations and details.pdf
475 Kb / 1m 6s
024 A606 Millwork and Casework Elevations and Details 024-a606_millwork and casework elevations and details.pdf
580 Kb / 1m 21s
025 A607 Millwork and Casework Elevations and Details 025-a607_millwork and casework elevations and details.pdf
184 Kb / 26s
026 A701 Reflected Ceiling Plan 026-a701_reflected ceiling plan.pdf
439 Kb / 1m 1s
027 A702 Reflected Ceiling Plan 027-a702_reflected ceiling plan.pdf
531 Kb / 1m 14s
028 S001 Structural Design Criteria and Specs 028-s001_structural design criteria and specs.pdf
513 Kb / 1m 12s
029 S002 Structural Abbrevs and Details 029-s002_structural abbrevs and details.pdf
278 Kb / 39s
030 S101 Foundation Plan and Second Level Framing Plan 030-s101_foundation plan and second level framing plan.pdf
347 Kb / 49s
031 S102 Third Level and Roof Framing Plan 031-s102_third level and roof framing plan.pdf
276 Kb / 39s
032 S601 Structural Schedule and Details 032-s601_structural schedule and details.pdf
252 Kb / 35s
033 M101 Ground Level HVAC Plan 033-m101_ground level hvac plan.pdf
171 Kb / 24s
034 M102 Second and Third Level HVAC Plan 034-m102_second and third level hvac plan.pdf
375 Kb / 52s
035 M601 HVAC Schedules and Details 035-m601_hvac schedules and details.pdf
308 Kb / 43s
036 E101 Ground Level Demo and Reno 036-e101_ground level demo and reno.pdf
235 Kb / 33s
037 E102 Second and Third Level Demo 037-e102_second and third level demo.pdf
147 Kb / 21s
038 E103 Second and Third Level Lighting Plan 038-e103_second and third level lighting plan.pdf
469 Kb / 1m 5s
039 E104 Second and Third Level Power Plan 039-e104_second and third level power plan.pdf
471 Kb / 1m 6s
040 E501 Riser and Details 040-e501_riser and details.pdf
239 Kb / 33s
041 E601 Panel Schedules 041-e601_panel schedules.pdf
643 Kb / 1m 30s
042 P101 Second and Third Level Sanitary and Vent Plan 042-p101_second and third level sanitary and vent plan.pdf
319 Kb / 45s
043 P102 Ground, Second and Third Level Plumbing Plan 043-p102_ground, second and third level plumbing plan.pdf
341 Kb / 48s
044 P103 Ground, Second and Third Level Gas Piping Plan 044-p103_ground, second and third level gas piping plan.pdf
313 Kb / 44s
045 P501 Riser Diagrams 045-p501_riser diagrams.pdf
189 Kb / 26s
046 P601 Schedules and Details 046-p601_schedules and details.pdf
263 Kb / 37s