Spainhower School Roof & HVAC Repl-Marshall

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File Size / Approx. Download Time (56k Modem)
(if available)
Division 00 division 00.pdf
2056 Kb / 4m 47s
Division 01 division 01.pdf
426 Kb / 1m
Division 02 division 02.pdf
126 Kb / 18s
Division 03 division 03.pdf
40 Kb / 6s
Division 06 division 06.pdf
86 Kb / 12s
Division 07 division 07.pdf
293 Kb / 41s
Division 09 division 09.pdf
127 Kb / 18s
Division 22 division 22.pdf
84 Kb / 12s
Division 23 division 23.pdf
1381 Kb / 3m 13s
Division 26 division 26.pdf
433 Kb / 1m
Division 31 division 31.pdf
32 Kb / 5s
Division 32 division 32.pdf
123 Kb / 17s
001 T1.0 Cover Sheet and Abbrevs 001-t1.0_cover sheet and abbrevs.pdf
918 Kb / 2m 8s
002 A1.1 Roof Plan and Details 002-a1.1_roof plan and details.pdf
492 Kb / 1m 9s
003 A4.1 Roof Details 003-a4.1_roof details.pdf
1390 Kb / 3m 14s
004 M-001 Mech Symbols and Abbrevs 004-m-001_mech symbols and abbrevs.pdf
344 Kb / 48s
005 DM-100 Ground E Mech Demo 005-dm-100_ground e mech demo.pdf
356 Kb / 50s
Add#2 DM-100 Ground E Mech Demo Add#2 add#2-dm-100_ground e mech demo add#2.pdf
381 Kb / 53s
006 DM-101 Ground W Mech Demo 006-dm-101_ground w mech demo.pdf
390 Kb / 55s
Add#2 DM-101 Ground W mech Demo Add#2 add#2-dm-101_ground w mech demo add#2.pdf
429 Kb / 1m
007 DM-102 Second Floor and Mezz Mech Demo 007-dm-102_second floor and mezz mech demo.pdf
197 Kb / 28s
Add#2 DM-102 Second Floor Mezzanine Mech Demo Add#2 add#2-dm-102_second floor mezzanine mech demo add#2.pdf
243 Kb / 34s
008 DM-103 Roof Plan Mech Demo 008-dm-103_roof plan mech demo.pdf
248 Kb / 35s
009 M-100 Ground E Mech New Work 009-m-100_ground e mech new work.pdf
348 Kb / 49s
Add#2 M-100 Ground E Mech New Work Add#2 add#2-m-100_ground e mech new work add#2.pdf
411 Kb / 57s
010 M-101 Ground W Mech New Work 010-m-101_ground w mech new work.pdf
341 Kb / 48s
Add#2 M-101 Ground W Mech New Work Add#2 add#2-m-101_ground w mech new work add#2.pdf
468 Kb / 1m 5s
011 M-102 Second Floor and Mezz Mech New Work 011-m-102_second floor and mezz mech new work.pdf
183 Kb / 26s
Add#2 M-102 Second Floor Mezzanine Mech New Work Add#2 add#2-m-102_second floor mezzanine mech new work add#2.pdf
240 Kb / 34s
012 M-103 Roof Plan Mech New Work 012-m-103_roof plan mech new work.pdf
243 Kb / 34s
013 M-501 Mech Schedules 013-m-501_mech schedules.pdf
452 Kb / 1m 3s
Add#2 M-501 Mechanical Schedules Add#2 add#2-m-501_mechanical schedules add#2.pdf
496 Kb / 1m 9s
014 M-502 Mechanical Details 014-m-502_mechanical details.pdf
292 Kb / 41s
Add#2 M-502 Mechanicla Details Add#2 add#2-m-502_mechanicla details add#2.pdf
328 Kb / 46s
015 E-001 Symbols and Abbreviations 015-e-001_symbols and abbreviations.pdf
270 Kb / 38s
016 DE-100 Ground E Elect Demo 016-de-100_ground e elect demo.pdf
204 Kb / 29s
017 DE-101 Ground W Elect Demo 017-de-101_ground w elect demo.pdf
207 Kb / 29s
018 DE-102 Second Floor and Mezz Elect Demo 018-de-102_second floor and mezz elect demo.pdf
176 Kb / 25s
019 DE-103 Ground W Elect Demo 019-de-103_ground w elect demo.pdf
214 Kb / 30s
020 E-100 Ground E Elect New Work 020-e-100_ground e elect new work.pdf
217 Kb / 30s
021 E-101 Ground W Elect New Work 021-e-101_ground w elect new work.pdf
208 Kb / 29s
022 E-102 Second Floor and Mezz Elect New Work 022-e-102_second floor and mezz elect new work.pdf
162 Kb / 23s
023 E-103 Ground W Elect New Work 023-e-103_ground w elect new work.pdf
147 Kb / 21s
024 E-601 Elect Schedules 024-e-601_elect schedules.pdf
398 Kb / 56s
Add#2 E-601 Electrical Schedules Add#2 add#2-e-601_electrical schedules add#2.pdf
435 Kb / 1m 1s