97-06-18 / Gorman Disc Cntr HVAC Cont Repl

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Division 00 division 00.pdf
5489 Kb / 12m 46s
Division 01 division 01.pdf
1149 Kb / 2m 40s
Division 23 division 23.pdf
489 Kb / 1m 8s
001 CVR Cover Sheet 001-cvr_cover sheet.pdf
476 Kb / 1m 6s
002 G-001 Sheet Index Vicinity Map & Legend 002-g-001_sheet index vicinity map & legend.pdf
1016 Kb / 2m 22s
003 M-101 Existing Plan Area 003-m-101_existing plan area.pdf
2481 Kb / 5m 46s
004 M-102 Existing Plan Area B 004-m-102_existing plan area b.pdf
2019 Kb / 4m 42s
005 M-103 Demo Plan Area A 005-m-103_demo plan area a.pdf
2592 Kb / 6m 2s
006 M-104 Demo Plan Area B 006-m-104_demo plan area b.pdf
1987 Kb / 4m 37s
007 M-105 New Plan Area A 007-m-105_new plan area a.pdf
2555 Kb / 5m 57s
008 M-106 New Plan Area B 008-m-106_new plan area b.pdf
2130 Kb / 4m 57s
009 M-501 HVAC Images 009-m-501_hvac images.pdf
2142 Kb / 4m 59s